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2015, while working as directors, Marie and Feline came up with the idea for „die Geniesser“.

These two drawn characters emerged from the rare moments of relaxation. " Die Geniesser" simply enjoy the little things in life and aim to inspire others .

Ge | nie | ßer



[someone who is interested in pleasure and 

who knows how to enjoy something (consciously)]

Two books have already been published as part of this project. For more than six years now, „die Geniesser" enjoy the little moments in life in a weekly column in the weekend edition of Berlin's biggest newspaper "Der Tagesspiegel ".

Since 2020, Marie and Feline have increasingly been working in large formats and in public spaces. 



The twins Marie and Feline were born in Munich. They graduated from an art-oriented high school in Vienna. Afterwards they studied film in Berlin.

After working as directors, they returned to drawing in 2015 with their project "Die Genießer," two drawn characters they developed.

Since 2020, Marie and Feline have increasingly worked in large formats and in public space. 

They love to work on diverse projects across media and engage in a humorous way with their surroundings and the question of what it means to grow up and insert one's place in a fast-paced society. They live and work in Berlin and Munich.

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